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Topic: Barnyard

Replying to Original Article:

Article: There has been some debate as to what Brian's intention for "Barnyard" was. There was one point where he did have lyrics for the song as shown in the "Heroes and Villains" demo on the "Endless Harmony" CD. "Out in the barnyard, chickens do their number/Out in the farmyard, the cook is chopping lumber/Jump in the pig pen, next time, I'll take my shoes off/Hit the dirt, do a two and a half, next time, I'll keep my hat on." Plus, there are a lot of farmyard animal noises in the background. But, if my memory serves me correct, there was another set of lyrics to the song (i.e. Barnyard Billy…). Someone correct me if I'm wrong on that point. Now, Dominic Priore contends that Brian did intend to use lyrics for the song, but later changed his mind and kept it a semi-instrumental like he would later do to "Passing By" on the "Friends" album. Many believe that point was used so it could fit into his thesis that "SMiLE" was finished and just needed a mix down. Replying to Original Article:

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