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Topic: The Bellagio Insider - a fake!

Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 12:26:36 -0500
Subject: Re: Re: SMideaLEs

> If I remember correctly, (name deleted) pointed out how easy it is for us to be
> fooled by someone offering SMiLE info. He said Bellagio was a fake
> noting that the use of the name "Bellagio" was some proof in itself
> cuz a real insider woulda been a Laurel Way Insider. (name deleted) also said
> that [we were] going to have to trust him on this as he wasn't going
> to divulge all the proof. (name deleted) also said the he, himself, was not BI.

I've always been skeptical of BI and I've made no secret of it in private. Not long ago, I received information indicating BI was a hoax from a *very* reliable source. There was more than enough information provided to prove the point -- including the identity of BI. I'm really not at liberty to disclose the identity, but it definitely was a hoax. I will note that it apparently wasn't done with even a hint of malice. As I understand it, the person started it as something of a joke, but when the reaction was as great as it was, he became worried about a possible backlash against him if it came out that it was a hoax. Therefore, he just let the masquerade die, which is why we haven't heard anything from him in quite a while.

A final point: It wasn't me!
(name deleted)

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Date: 09/7/01 03:48:55 AM
Replying to:

Guys, it *was* a put-on! All the signs were there if you wanted to see them, beginning with the name "Bellagio Insider." Remember, Brian didn't live at Bellagio during the recording of SMILE; he lived on Laurel Way. He didn't move to Bellagio until *after* SMILE was shelved. (Ask Cam if you don't believe me.)

Everything Bellagio said was interpolated from available information. The bit about there being a finished "Great Shape" was deduced from the existence of a session sheet for the song. And the development of the Air section of "The Elements" into WH's "Country Air" wasn't anything new; a certain British BB researcher has been championing that idea for years.

This was just the latest in a long line of authoritative impersonations that started years ago with the columns from "The Correct Perspective" in the CALIFORNIA MUSIC fanzine out of Australia (although the culprit responsible for TCP was a different person than the one responsible for BI). If it's well done, it's relatively easy for someone to put something like this over on hardcore fans. You simply feed them what they want to hear, plus maybe one unlikely TWIST. The wish fulfillment fantasies of the fans do the rest.

The bottom line is that, in reality, nobody holds the secrets to SMILE anymore. Brian probably was the only one who knew them all, and he certainly doesn't now. Even VDP was never privy to all of them; there was a lot that Brian did on his own or after VDP departed. The various hangers-on at that time don't remember the details; they didn't make notes at the time and what little they do remember is through the fog of drug use and many years. We've heard from those parties close to Brian who were sober at the time -- primarily Chuck Britz, David Anderle and Marilyn Wilson. Their faculties were largely unimpaired at the time, yet they don't even remember most of the details. There's no reason to expect that anybody else is going to remember more.

Give it up, guys. Bellagio Insider *was* a put-on! (And if you think such a strong statement might mean that I know more than I'm saying ... well, I'm not going to argue the point, but I'm also not going to say anything more on the subject.)

(name deleted)

P.S. -- There is one more thing I will add: It wasn't me!

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Replying to:

I still have my hopes about Bellagio, but the total disappearance makes me wonder. Also, there were a couple of people that posted All The Time during his/her posting stint, and since Bellagio left they haven't posted either. Coincidence?

Plus - all the theories... I mean, except for the comedy skit H&V was just the demo on Endless Harmony. They were very vague about IIGS on its own. The Brian trying to write his own lyrics scenario intrigues me though. So i guess my final assesment is pretty much "possibly real with embellishment" or "just a very well researched crank".

(name deleted)

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Subject: bellagio insider

Now that we've had some time to reflect on the comments of our Bellagio Insider from several months back, what does anyone think about the veracity of them?

I'm still not ENTIRELY convinced but he made some interesting assertions that I still can't shake -- the early H&V running order among them. It just makes...too...much...sense. Even if the guy WAS making it up whole-cloth, he was doing a damn good job of it. Clearly hypothesizing with a lot of knowledge, at least. And coming up with better hypotheses than I've been able to do from several years' worth of doing the same kind of thing.

I'm still also intrigued by his "Elements" lineup...

...and his comments about "Great Shape"...he was quite adamant about there being a finished version of "eggs and grits" out there, even before we knew such a thing existed, and now that we know that the instrumental was at least cut...

...I don't know, false or not, he had some great great ideas.

What does anyone else think?

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