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Topic: SMiLE Box Set?

Re: An appeal to Capitol: Give us what you got of Smile

Here's my point, for those who missed it:

Ninety-five percent of what is worth hearing from "Smile" is already out there on the box set. But *that* music seems to be considered irrelevant by those who clamor for the "release" of "Smile". What seems to be important are the unfinished snippets that don't really add much of what would have been the final product.

Don't believe me? You've seen the "Smile" sequencing put together by various posters on this board over the years. The majority of the cuts on personal "Smile" tapes comes from the box. Think there's a reason for that?

An official release of Smile has been on Capitol's release schedule for almost 10 years now, they are just waiting for Brian Wilson to give them permission to release it or, knowing the way record companies work, die.

Re: Brian says no SMILE

BW was working on the tracks in 1996 for the then-upcoming Smile box and from what I hear, was enthusiastic. I was working at Capitol and I saw his track list (can't remember it, though). That was before all the problems with the Pet Sounds box. After that, Capitol couldn't be bothered of trying to release a never-before-released album which would have to go through the "committee" of BB/obstructionists. And if you say "but it would make them money," don't because they work on a logic unknown to the rest of us. Look how much they lost when the Pet box was delayed and the stuff was getting booted.

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