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Topic: Brian talks about Smile
on his message board, 12-18-2001

Posted by kie miskelly:
Taken from Record Collector interview... I like the Smile material. I liked everything except crawling around on the floor snorting like pigs. The swine section - I hated that. Everyone was high but me. I was the only one who didnít take drugs. I was the square, so Brian made us crawl around on the floor and snort like a bunch of pigs on a section of Heroes. You hear a bunch of snorting and swining. It was like being in bedlam, trapped in an insane asylum. I was emotionally depressed by a lot of that stuff because itís like going to a party, youíre sober and theyíre not. But somehow we got through it......

(Brian's reply):
Funny how people remember things differently Huh????They hated Smile and that's why I never finished it........but someday this music will come out. Happy holidays......L&M Brian


Posted by Johnny Young:
And people wonder why Brian is so reluctant to release material from this project..go figure. Johnny

Posted by Brian Wilson:
I think that's why lot's of artists are reluctant to release anything.......fear of not living up to expectations and always being judged.....Look at this silly little Christmas song thing that's goin on......seems like you get it. Take care man, L&M Brian


Posted by Brian Wilson:
Just wanted you to be the first one to know that I'm thinking of releasing a real CD of boots. What do you think of that idea? That way I would get paid and give the money to charity and you would hear the tunes the way I intended them to huh? That way everyone wins.......L&M Brian


Posted by Franklin G:
Is your "master plan" fo SMiLE still in the works? From what I have heard (ie: GV boxed set) your work you did is awesome. I know there is a load of fans that would like a "sessions" set or something! TY Franklin

Posted by Brian Wilson:
Still in the works!!!


Posted by leon donnelly:
Brian suggested an official issue of "bootleg" material, what a great idea. The Dylan bootleg series was a triumph, and like Brian says, you can control the quality (i.e. not overpriced sounds heard as if from a biscuit tin). I think we should let Brian know that we fully support and encourage him to pursue this matter to completion. Thanks Brian, and can't wait to see you in London. p.s. i love "Still I Dream of it", and i'm sure ther are thousands of more gems hidden. i am a performer myself (actor/playwright) and the whole "is he past it" trip is such a joke. i spent what i call my "Brian Wilson years" hiding from the world for a couple of years or seven, and see none of it as a waste of time, just a retreat from the things that caused me pain and the chance to build my strength and decide what i'm really here for. you are an inspiration, man! L&M, Leon.(Happy Christmas to you and yours).

Posted by Brian Wilson:
You like that huh? Me too. Take care man and happy holiday to you. L&M Brian


Posted by Brian Wilson (in response to criticism on the blueboard about the Chritmas Song Silent Night):
Come on Everyone.......It's Christmas....... Melinda told me what has been going on here and it is really sad and not at all what I intended to have happen when I started this cool site. When I recorded Silent Night the other day in the studio, it was just a cool little Christmas message to you guys. I am not sure why someone would judge my abilities by a simple little Christmas tune I sang to bring some love and Christmas cheer to my fans. Then I read that someone said they wouldn't kid themself into thinking I did it for the listening pleasure for the Blueboarders......I can't imagine what I have done to make you think that way......The most hurtful part of this entire event is that it now seems as though I am expected to show you if I still have it? That's crazy. What's even more scary is that some of you are now fighting over what I considered to be a Christmas card to my fans. It would be like me sending you a real Christmas card and having you return it and say it's not as good as the one I sent you last year or the year before. Why are you judging me? All I wanted to do it wish all of you a very Merry Christmas......and look what's happened. I would hope that the events of 9/11 would have taught us all that there are far more important issues than whether Brian Wilson still "has it". Let's please put all this behind us and try to love and understand one another not only during this holiday season but from this point forward. You guys have to know when you write things on this board that Melinda and I read them. Do not be hurtful to her and please respect me. For those of you who appreciated my holiday message........many thanks and for those who didn't, just throw the card away. Love and Mercy, Brian

Posted by Brian Wilson on January 15, 2001
I have said a couple of times now that I (Brian Wilson) the creator of Smile, have a plan for it. No one is trying to make you feel bad for digging my music and if you just listen to me and trust me and show some patience it will happen. When I can tell you more about my plan, I will, but for now Trust you Must. You guys can ask my wife, the more someone tries to push me in a direction I do not want to go, the more I withdraw. Maybe that comes from my Dad constantly trying to tell me what I should and should not do, but be that as it may.....that's what I end up doing. The reason lately that I have felt so motivated is because I do not have people pulling on me in every direction. For the first time in my life, I am doing what I want to do and it feels sooooo good. Take care man and just cool out. Brian

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