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The Elian SMiLE saga

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What follows is the true story of the Elian Gonzales saga. Now, for the first time, you will see the un-doctored photos that the justice department has tried to supress!

The saga begins...

Janet Reno gives a press conference to "justify" the seizure of all things SMiLE related.

"You have Smiley Smile...that should be enough"

Janet said firmly.

Meanwhile...That same day in Cuba...

Fidel Castro, holding a Cuban SMiLE CD, gives a speech about Cuba's superiority over America.

"We have the best Beach Boys album! Our CD pressing plants have surpassed production of cigars in this country! Those imperialistic dogs in the United States are stuck with the inferior Smiley Smile!"

The following morning, Janet Reno's SS storms into the Miami storage facility for the cache of hidden Cuban SMiLE CD's.

The saga continues...

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