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National Enquirer Newsbreak:
The Capitol Records-Beatles-Klaatu-Beach Boys-SMiLE-Peter Lacey-Beam Conspiracy!


The Beach Boys (mainly Brian Wilson) supposedly recorded an album in late 1967 that was to be a follow up to the ill-fated Smile album, but the master tapes were mysteriously "lost" from the studio. The Beach Boys didn't want to release the album, as it was too much of a departure from their "commercial" sound. Meanwhile, in 1996, the missing masters were uncovered during research for the Pet Sounds Box Set. Brian Wilson (with the prompting of Capitol Records) decided to release the album under the pseudonym of "Peter Lacey".

Capitol was hoping for a sales rush, similar to the Klaatu hype of 1976. In 1976 a rumor started circulating in the United States that the Beatles had recorded and released a new album under the pseudonym of "Klaatu" and sales of that record shot way up. As a precaution, the album is being test released on a small record label in England.

Here are a few of the numerous clues:

  • The album cover is VERY similar to the 1976 Klaatu album.
  • The Klaatu album was on Capitol, which is also the Beach Boys primary label.
  • The song, "Wilson Avenue" is supposedly about Brian Wilson.
  • In the song, "The Cathedral of Trees", there is a line which states, "the warmth of the sun."
  • In addition, there are many lyric references to Beach Boys related themes: "ocean, sea, seashore, smooth sailing."
  • The line, "Chromium cars" - a reference to the many Beach Boys car songs?
  • The line, "Grain of sand"-a reference to "Until I Die"?

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