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New Content: October 21, 2002

Disclaimer: This site is only in the rough/planning stages. I'm not even sure that all the links are working! But, there is much more to come! Including my very own SMiLE lineup with audio files-I haven't done my own lineup in quite a while, so it's long overdue. Plus, I've got to deal with the issue of mp3's on this site.

Until then...

“Psychedelic music will cover the face of the world and color the whole popular music scene. Anybody happening is psychedelic.”
-Brian Wilson

About this site:
This in in fact a merger of sorts, consolidating the efforts of 3 SMiLE websites into a single site that is (hopefully) entertaining and informative. The 3 aforementioned sites WILL remain up for reference purposes, but this will be the only site that is maintained.
Our Mission:
To preserve the memory and majesty of the groundbreaking psychedelic music made by one, Brian Douglas Wilson!