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SMiLE In Their Own Words

How did the individual members of the Beach Boys and those involved view the Smile album?

THE SMILE album has been interpreted (some say misinterpreted) over the years by scores of rock music fans and rock journalists alike. Some say hype and some say masterpiece.

Fans may disagree when it comes to the scope and even the inclusion of tracks, but I think that all can agree that the music that Brian Wilson was attempting in the waning days of 1966 was unique and innovative at a critical point in rock and roll. It’s just a pity than Brian’s vision never saw the light of day.

THE BEACH BOYS SMILE – IN THEIR OWN WORDS is a collection of quotes from the Beach Boys and the major players in the Smile experiment. There will be contradictions and complete 180-degree changes in attitude from some. Somewhere in between lies the answer. Until Brian Wilson himself presents us with the mythical “Rosetta Stone” for Smile, we only have these “words”, many hypothesis and bits and pieces of the sonic blueprint that was the majesty of the 1966 Smile album.

The Genesis of Smile
Comments During Smile
Lyrics and Themes
In the Studio
The Songs
What Happened?
Future of Smile?


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