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SMiLE Album Preservation Socieity (SAPS)

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This in in fact a merger of sorts, consolidating the efforts of 3 SMiLE websites into a single site that is (hopefully) entertaining and informative. The 3 aforementioned sites WILL remain up for reference purposes, but this will be the only site that is maintained. The name of the new site?

This endeavor won't be rushed so that we can make the best site that we can. So, we can't give you the exact date that it will be ready. But, hopefully, it will be worth it!

Our Mission

To preserve the memory and majesty of the groundbreaking psychedelic music made by one, Brian Douglas Wilson!

Becoming a Member

Its free...just visit the site!

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Organization News

Our first meeting will feature a mike-love-burning-in-effigy party!

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

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Not available at this time.

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