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December 16th 1966

Near midnight: [After interpreting Surf's Up lyric] "Of course that's a very intellectual explanation…But maybe sometimes you have to do an intellectual thing. If they didn't get the words, they'll get the music, because that's where it's really at, in the music. You can get hung up in words, you know. Maybe they work; I don't know" Brian Wilson

You´re Welcome

Studio: n/a
Date & Hours of Employment: n/a; vocals
Master No.: n/a
No. of Minutes: n/a

Sessions Vocalists: Beach Boys

"Brian Wilson advised me today that the next Beach Boys' single and album will definitely not be ready before January 1, but in all probability will deliver some time prior to January 15…the release date for "Heroes and Villains" single was set as January 13,1967." Karl Engemann