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(by Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks)

I've been in this town so long that back in the city I've been taken for
a lost and gone and unknown for a long long time,
Fell in love years ago with an innocent girl from the Spanish and Indian home
of the Heroes and Villains.

Once at night Catillion squared the fight and she was right in the rain
of the bullets that eventually brought her down,
But she's still dancing in the night unafraid Of what a dude would do in a town full
of Heroes and Villains

In the Cantina, marguaritas keep the spirits high,
there I watched her, she spun around and walked in the warmth,
her body fanned the flame of the dance.
Dance Marguarita, don't you know the dance was meant for me, dance.
You're under arrest!

My children were raised, you know they suddenly rise, they started slow long ago
head to toe, healthy wealthy and often wise.
At three score and five, I'm very much alive I still got the jive to survive with
The Heroes and Villains.

I been in this town so long, so long to the city, I'm fit with the stuff,
to ride in the rough, and sunny down snuff I'm alright
By the Heroes and Villains.

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