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Brian's Master plan?

We've all heard of the "master plan" for Smile that Brian talked about last year (2000). But have we SEEN it yet? Nope. So, we took matters into our own hands here at the "Smile Preservation Society" and hired famed garbage-ologist A.J. Weberman to investigate for us. We got a grant from the U.S. government (hell, those bozos give grants to ANYONE when you claim its for the "arts"!) in order to pay for Mr. A.J. Weberman's time. For those of you not familiar, Mr. Weberman did thorough research on Bob Dylan's garbage, finding a virtual myriad of clues about his lifestyle.

After months of research, Mr. Weberman finally hit pay dirt, with an outline scribble on notebook paper in Brian's handwriting (shown here for the very first time-although it IS scheduled for the National Enquirer's TV show, UNCOVERED). Could this be the famous "Master Plan"? Or did Brian see A.J. lurking in the bushes (just outside the legal limit of stalking) and decide to play "mind games" with him?

Now, let's analyze shall we?

"Ideas - Smile Master Plan"
Well, he's off to a good start! At least he's talking about it.

"Play more Smile songs live"
Now that the Pet Sounds tour is history, Brian has been slowly incorporating songs from Smile into his live set. Many have speculated that this is part of the said, master plan.

"Sue Napster for publicity"
Good PR! It worked for Metallica when their career was slipping. Creating demand for Smile product is a brilliant move. Once removed from Napster, fans will beg Capitol for a legit release!

"Copy Project Smile - Great Idea!"
Brian once said that his Master Plan didn't necessarily mean a CD. Could a CD-Rom be in the picture? Could the 'Project Smile' CD-Rom be the "test market" for his "master plan"? We are checking into the possibility of getting a subpoena on Brian's trans-Atlantic phone calls to see if he is phoning Chris in England about the Project Smile CD-Rom.

" 'Stars & Stripes' version of Smile by Rap artists"
Hmmmm, this is bizarre. But if it worked the first time, Capitol will fall for it again. Can't wait to hear the Beastie Boys do "Heroes & Villains"!

"Heroes & villians - make parts 2, 3 and 4 for fun!"
Brian's sense of humour is showing! Could this be the "humor" aspect of Smile that he oft talked about? Again, a dazzling marketing move - to use all the spare parts from H&V to make the mythical 'Part 2'. But, don't stop there, really f*&#k with the fanatics by making parts 3 & 4!

"Use Domenic's line up - to screw with fanatics"
Again, Brian showing his humour. And only Brian knows the true lineup!

"Liner notes- use Domenic(scratched out), Van Dyke (scratched out) 'Bellagio Insider'(with emphasis of "yes!" and a cryptic, "really Marylin")
This is a loaded sentence. It points out that Brian doesn't feel that Domenic or even Van Dyke fully understand Smile! And it possibly solves one of the most recent Smile mysteries- Who is the mysterious "Bellagio Insider"? Is Marylin THE former Marilyn Wilson? Note the spelling.

"Let the wondermints take smile on the road without me. Sit back and laugh at the critics"
Again, a brilliant stroke of logic. Many who saw the Pet Sounds tour, complained of Brian's cracking voice. Who better to take Smile on the road than the Wondermints? Hell, even Brian once said so. Since they can't get a record deal on their own, so they would be stupid to turn this down! Pure speculation on our part? Well, look at it this way: Brian let the Beach Boys take his songs on the road without him being present live. How is that any different? But, "the Wondermints aren't the Beach Boys", you say? Granted, but did the Beach Boys EVER perform Pet Sounds with such accuracy?

YOU decide what this all means!

Coming Soon!
Brian's invoices of reddi-whip deliveries in 1966-67 are finally found! We chart these deliveries with session logs from the studios to find a peculiar pattern.

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