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Topic: When Did SMiLE End?

Posted on January 06, 1999 at 03:35:31
End of Feb. '67: VDP leaves project for good [BE], for a solo contract with Warner Bros. Records which he had signed in January '67. [VDP]

Mar 1 '67: "Heroes & Villains (Intro) Part 2" session

Sessions for SMiLE have steadily declined through Jan and Feb until there are only 4 sessions in Mar '67, all in the first two weeks.

Mar 2 '67: "Heroes & Villains Part 2" session

Mar 13 '67: "Tones" session

Mar 15 '67: "Tones" session

Mar 28 '67: Brian and Marilyn sign agreement to buy house at Bellagio Rd.

"…Brian Wilson…decided arbitrarily that making records was, for him, no longer a pleasure…Nor was buying a house a solution to his creative dilemma." DT [LLVS 202]

"As I quit going to the studio, I might as well have been put in a dumpster and hauled away myself. Anxious to clear both the craziness and the crowds out of our lives, Marilyn put the Laurel Way house up for sale immediately after the Smile album was canceled. A couple of weeks later, in April [14] 1967, we paid $320,000 for a fourteen-room Spanish-style mansion in Bel Air…" BW [WIBN 166]

Mar 29 '67: Session canceled; Goldstar

Mar 30 '67: Session canceled; Sound Recorders

Apr 4-14, June 3-7, 15 '67: "Vegetables" sessions

The SMiLE title "Vega-tables" which appeared on the SMiLE album jacket is gone. The title "Vegetables" is publicized as the "next" single and after additional and re-recording in June '67 it appears on the Smiley Smile album.

Apr 14 '67: Brian and Marilyn close on the house on Bellagio Rd.

"We moved into the Bel-Air house about April 1967. I think the move may have had something to do with what happened to Smile. You now, new house, net things." MW[TBBS 81]

Three principle players in the SMiLE saga, Brian, Marilyn and Derek Taylor, all say SMiLE was tanked by Brian and after that Brian and Marilyn bought the house on Bellagio Rd. which was done on March 28 '67. None of the 3 titles recorded in April and May '67 are titles that appear on the SMiLE album jacket. It seems more and more likely that, contrary to popular belief, nothing recorded after March 15 [or maybe the 2nd] '67 could be considered a SMiLE recording.

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