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Topic: Wonderful

Subject: Re: Re: "Wonderful" track question...

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Four versions.

1. The typical, GV Box set "Smile" version with harpsichord and slight horn overdubs. Tracked across the end of '66.

2. The "rock with me henry" version which also is harpsichord but with fuzz bass and drums. Tracked Jan. 67

3. The "April" version, which is piano and backing vox only. Lead vox don't seem to have been recorded. The "tag to Vegetables" (as appears on the GV Box Set) MAY be a part of this. Tracked presumably in April 67

4. The Smiley version. Tracked in....July? '67?

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Can anyone tell me how many variations of "Wonderful" are known to exist, currently?

I know of the Smiley-version, obviously. I've heard talk of a few different harpsichord version, though, of which I've been able to find but one. Brian singing, background vocals come in about halfway through, and the ending is relatively sudden.

I've also heard of a non-harpsichord version that ISN'T the released version, but I haven't had luck turning that up, either.

Can anyone clarify this for me?

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