SMiLE Related Painting
Old Master Painter?(sorry, couldn't help the pun)

Description by artist, Edmund Palao:

Image Title: “Columnated Ruins Domino”, by Edmund Palao
Media: Acrylic, gold paint and PVA glue on canvas (48” x 34”) Painted: 1998

The painting is based in part on the song "Surf’s Up”. Also it draws from Christian and classical themes. The image shows a cityscape with buildings stacked like dominoes, representing the decadence and decay of a modern society. The gold painted background represents humankind’s achievements, but also it’s materialism and false values. The river, coming out of the darkness, proclaims hope and a renewal of life. The swan adds a sense of poignancy. In Greek mythology Phaethon, friend of Cygnus, fell into the river Eridanus whilst riding the sun-god’s chariot. Cygnus dived repeatedly in vain into the water searching for his friend. Zeus took pity on him and turned him into a swan.

It is PARTLY based on the song "Surf’s Up". You can see a cityscape with buildings stacked liked dominoes, ready to tumble. The river flows upwards like a spring of new life, sweeping everything away. The swan represents a feeling of poignancy (i.e. "a muted trumpeter’s swan", my favourite line from "Surf’s Up").

One thing I love about SMILE is all the imagery that it conjurs up. Great subject matter for painting.


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