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Landy's Revenge!

LANDY’S REVENGE, by Allan B. Williams

A new bootleg has entered the market of the legendary Beach Boys' SMiLE album! It dates back to 1988, when Brian was still under the care of Dr. Gene Landy. First, a little background: Dr. Landy thought it would be great for Brian to confont one of his greatest demons (the SMiLE tapes) head on. It would be great for all parties concerned. The record company would finally get its SMiLE album. Mike Love would be pleased because Van Dyke Park's lyrics would be erased. And let us not forget the co-writer's royalties that Gene would get on the lyrical re-writes!

The vocals on the old tapes were all erased and Brian began his therapy of writing new lyrics for his long-lost masterpiece. After 6 months, the new SMiLE was ready! Even money-conscience Mike Love got into the project. He remembered that all 400,000 of the old LP jackets for the scrapped 1967 SMiLE album were being stored in one of his repossessed homes on the beach. He couldn't help but think of the printing costs that he could now charge to the band!

Seeing Mike's enthusiam regarding the SMiLE project made Landy nervous. Love would see Gene's involvement as @*#$-ing with the formula and try to cut his royalties. Gene saw only one solution: he must add his picture to the back cover of SMiLE, thereby guaranteeing his place as the 7th Beach Boy! In one marathon session, Eugene and Shawn Love pasted Dr. Landy's picture on the back of all 400,000 copies of the SMiLE album jacket. Eugene reasoned that employing Mike’s daughter would insure his access into the Capitol Records plan. Unfortunately, Landy was not clear in his instructions to Shawn and she proceeded to paste Dr. Landy's photo directly over Mike Love's face.

The next day there was a press conference to unviel the new Beach Boys SMiLE album. When Mike help up a copy of the cover for the press to see, he noticed the back of the album. Seeing Landy's face pasted over his, infuriated Love! Mike punched Landy in front of the cameras and stormed off, promising legal action if the album was released. Over the years, the project was simply forgotten, especially with all the Kokomo/Good Vibrations Box set and Pet Sounds Sessions going on.

Fast forward to June of 1998. The SMiLE/Landy tapes were found! A CD of the legendary album will be released in December of 1999 on Dr. Landy's personal label, Capitalists Records.

Here is a track listing:

The Beach Boys - SMiLE The Landy Tapes (1988) :

Good Vibrations Chant (gotta keep those lovin' good royalty checks comin' in)
Medley: Old Master Therapist / You Are My Murray
Can't Wait Too Long (for our next therapy session)
Psychoanalysis Essence
Gene Fell Into His Goldmine
Exercise Bicycle Rider (instrumental for Brian to workout to)
Landy & Mike Love (to the tune of Heroes & Villains)
Wonderful Recovery
Do You Like Therapy
Time's Up (for this session)
Landy Is the Father FigureTo the Brian
The four elements:
1) earth:Vegetable - Brian's mental state before Dr. Landy
2) wind: Wind Bag - Gene speaks
3) fire: Mr. Love's Formula - Mike hates Landy getting credit on songs
4) water: I love to Say Cha Ching - The sound of Gene's cash register

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