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SMiLE Humour/Parodies

"The album will include lots of humor..."-Brian

Keeping with that same spirit, here are some offbeat, fictional stories about SMiLE which will hopefully bring a SMiLE to your face quicker than whip-its!

New Smile tour merchandise for 2005!
The John Kerry/SMiLE Connection
New SMiLE Book!
South Park SMiLE Episode!
The ULTIMATE vacation - a SMiLE CRUISE!
2003 Honda-Smile Promotion
Live Smile album parody
The Smilemobile - the lost '60s relic
Mike Love releases live Smile album
The Queen wants her SMILE!
Afghanistan SMiLEs again
Boxing match determines future of Smile!
Welcome to Smile, Arizona
McDonald's Smile Promotion
Smile Christmas Carol 2001
Alternate Smile album covers
1966 Milton Bradley Smile board game!
Miss Cleo Predicts SMiLE!
Long lost counter song to Vega-Tables
Brian's Masterplan?
SMiLE album released in Mexico!!!
SMiLE related illness!!
National Enquirer Breaks SMiLE story!!!
SMiLE fairy tales!!!
New SMiLE titles Found!!!
What if Mike released SMiLE?!?!
The Elian Gonzales SMiLE connection!
Clarence Jackson talks about the "Fire" sessions!
The SMiLE/George W. Bush Connection
Rare Beatles/Beach Boys album cover from 1967
Cease To Exist...Charlie Manson's SMiLE
Rare Brian SMiLE-related Milk Ad
"Landy's Revenge!"
Beach Boys Smile Party Album!
Murray's Diaries found!
Druid influences in SMiLE!