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British Queen's Reaction to Jubilee Party
Tue Jun 4, 7:49 AM ET

By Bobby Sands

The Queen holding her bootleg CD of SMILE

Reuters Photo
LONDON (Reuters) - One million people gathered inside and outside the grounds for the "Party at the Palace" where a Who's Who of British rock 'n' roll over the last half-century shook the normally sedate surroundings, and comics struck some irreverent notes.

It is well known that the Queen is a fervent Brian Wilson/Beach Boys fan. “Those Beatle boys are alright, but when I’m back at the Palace I listen to the Beach Boys”, the Queen said. “Margaret was the one who really liked the Beatles.”

The Queen gave special permission for Brian Wilson to perform four songs instead of just one like most of the other performers. When the queen took her seat at the concert, holding her recently signed copy of the bootleg SMILE CD. Wilson performed "California Girls", “The Warmth of the Sun", "God only knows" and "Good Vibrations". While the Queen stayed for Wilson’s performance she was obviously upset by the lack of SMILE material.

Afterwards, the Queen expressed her disappointment in the evening’s concert.

"Yes, I am quite annoyed that he did not play more SMILE songs – After I invited him across the Atlantic and gave him special permission to play more songs than the others. I even had him sign my copy of SMILE, but he did not get the hint. I have even been pondering the knighting of Mr. Wilson should he complete and release SMILE," she said. “However, I shan’t invite him back to the Palace tonight for our post-concert party! Sir Paul McCartney has offered me a private concert in which he shall play ‘Vega-Tables’. So, the night is not a complete waste!”

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