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A long time ago, on an internet website far, far, away...

It is a period of strife in the SMiLE musical galazy.
Mp3 Rebels, striking from hidden base on the internet,
have won their first victory against the evil
Non-SMile-Release Empire.

Rebel mp3 spies managed to post unreleased mp3s of the
Empire's ultimate weapon, the SMiLE album,
an unreleased album with enough power to destroy
the entire Mike Love Beach Boys myth.
Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents,
several SMiLE mp3 websites have been shut down...
the few left remain the custodians of the unreleased songs...
songs that can restore freedom to the SMiLE galaxy...

The SMiLE Death Star has come upon yet another mp3 site. Darth Wilson turns and barks the order...

"Commander Jardine, you may attack the unauthorised SMiLE mp3 site when ready..."

The SMiLE universe falls sadly silent...but there is still hope...


Coming in the next episode:
Darth Wilson teams up with evil Emperor Love to attempt to destroy more SMiLE websites to strengthen the hold of the empire!

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